Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya

Photo of Jambalaya

Jambalaya is probably the dish most synonymous with Cajun cuisine.  The cajuns of Louisiana began their migratory journey in the 1600’s when they left France for Nova Scotia where they settled a colony called Acadia.  The British drove them out in the 1700’s and they migrated south through the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia.  They eventually made it … Read More

The Cookin’ O’ the Green….Grits, that is!

Corned Beef and Green Grits on a plate

St. Patrick’s Day has once again arrived.  Growing up in Southern California the extent to which it was a holiday was pretty much limited to making sure you wore something green to school to prevent being pinched for not having green.  Is that still done?  I don’t think I’ve heard mention of that in ages! Little did I know that … Read More

Blue Cheese & Walnut “Biscuits”

“Biscuit” is one of those words that has a variety of meanings depending on where and by whom it’s being used.  In England the term “Biscuit” is the same as what Americans would call a “cookie”.  My friend Gary is originally from Scotland and when he first visited me in Orlando he was quite perplexed (and perhaps even a bit … Read More

Holiday Food Traditions (or Ghosts of New Years Past)

Happy New Year!  Growing up it was always customary for my family to have Oyster stew on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  I recall asking my mom once about why that was our tradition but unfortunately I don’t recall her answer.  Traditionally oysters are best eaten during the months that contain “R’s” (because they spawn during the summer and … Read More

3rd Annual Tyler Florence Low Country Celebration – Inn at Palmetto Bluff

I’m definitely getting old.  Every month seems to fly by quicker than the last.  I can’t believe November is over, Thanksgiving has passed and I haven’t even made one posting the entire month!  Next thing we know it will be Christmas…after all, only 26 more days to go! It has been a great fall season.  I have to offer up … Read More

Biscuit Bliss

Black & Blue Biscuits Recently a friend commented that despite the fact that he was born and raised in the South, and grew up cooking with his grandmother, he was somehow shorted on the all important southern “biscuit gene”.  Aren’t all southerner’s supposed to be able to whip out the flour, add some lard and 10 minutes later have biscuits … Read More