Polish Cabbage & Noodles

Photo of Noodles and Cabbage in Skillet

Polish Cabbage and Noodles  Cabbage and noodles is a common theme throughout much of central and eastern Europe.  Sometimes pork (usually bacon or ham) is included, and other times it’s not.  Sour cream or heavy cream is another item that may or may not be included.  I decided to “go for broke” in the calorie department and added sour cream … Read More

New Years Food Traditions

Happy New Year! I suspect I’m not the only one making the annual comment “wow, where did the last year go?!”  Now here we are on the start of a new decade as well!  Hard to imagine that it’s been a decade since the Y2K concern and now people are looking toward 2012 to see if the Mayans really did … Read More