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In 1996, two twenty-somethings shortly out of college decided out of the blue to publish a book. Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge were college friends from Baylor University.   Post-college Martha moved back to her hometown of Memphis assuming that her degree and a high GPA were what she needed for happiness in the post-collegiate world.  Much to her dismay and … Read More

Banoffee Trifle

With just a couple of days until Christmas and currently being in the middle of Chanukkah celebrations, I thought perhaps you could use a simple but delicious party dessert. “Banoffee” is an English contraction of Bananas & Toffee, a combination of flavors and ingredients commonly enjoyed together in England. The inspiration for this shows how one recipe or idea can … Read More

Thanksgiving Dinner with Better Mornings Atlanta

While you wouldn’t know it by looking at the retail stores already decked out for Christmas,  Thanksgiving is just over a week away!     Chances are that your menu is molded by tradition or expectation….whether it’s the fond memories of grandma’s stuffing, or the dread of aunt Tillie’s JELLO mold of lemon gelatin with shredded cabbage, sliced green olives, and crushed … Read More

Hands-on Cooking Classes in Savannah

My thanks to writer Augusta Statz for her great article featuring my classes in this week’s issue of Connect Savannah! Be Your Own Favorite Chef – by Augusta Statz, from Connect Savannah – December 28, 2010 Let’s face it – holidays are known for being fun and festive, but they can easily become overwhelming.  For this reason, Chef Darin Sehnert’s … Read More

Hands-on Chocolate Making and Confection Classes

Are you a self-admitted “chocoholic”?  Does your family bring you chocolate before breaking you bad news?  Does chocolate just make everything better?  If you answered YES! to any of these, this event is for YOU!   Kristen Hard of Cacao Atlanta will be doing a two-day chocolate making and confection class at 700 Kitchen Cooking School in Savannah, GA. the … Read More

Food Network: “Chefs vs. City” Mix it Up at 700 Kitchen Cooking School

Note:  This was originally posted on May 3, 2010.  Due to the website going down with technical issues the April/May posts were deleted from the database.  In the interest of maintaining the original content of the site I’m now re-posting.   Left to right:  Sean Rossi, Kate Blair, Jamie Deen, Bobby Deen, Jonathan Preston, Darin Sehnert, Aaron Sanchez, Chris Cosentino, Danette McGeeney … Read More

Making the Most of Farmers Markets

If you’re lucky enough to have a farmers market in your area I hope you’re taking full advantage of it.  Not because it is the “trendy” thing to do…but because you can often find unique items not commonly found in the big chain stores, will find that the produce typically tastes better because it has been picked when ripe and … Read More

Chefs vs. City – Savannah

The week has just begun and already it’s a busy one!  Last month I had a call from the producers of “Chefs vs. City”, a show on the Food Network that features two chefs who travel to various cities to compete against local chefs in food related competitions.  They were making plans for an episode here in Savannah and wanted … Read More

Not Just Custom Cakes – Amazing Cakes!

My friend Minette Rushing is the owner of a local Savannah cake shop called “Custom Cakes”.  The name is straightforward enough and certainly conveys a basic concept of the work they do.   However just they way that Minette doesn’t take enough credit for what she does, the name “Custom Cakes” doesn’t begin to convey the amazing cakes that they produce. … Read More