It’s Fast, It’s Simple, It’s Focaccia!

After the last post on “Tips for Making Yeast Dough” I thought it might be helpful to share a recipe for homemade focaccia bread.  What has become one of the most popular styles of breads  in restaurants, is also easily made at home!  Essentially a pizza-style dough, it is easily made at home in a fraction of the time of … Read More

Tips for Making Yeast Dough

While one cannot live on bread alone, it certainly makes life more enjoyable. Who doesn’t love biting through a crunchy crust and sinking your teeth into a nice tender interior crumb?   How about that tug and resistance you get when you bite into a pizza or tear off a piece of baguette? Lately, a friend of mine has been playing with … Read More

Food & Love

In 1996, two twenty-somethings shortly out of college decided out of the blue to publish a book. Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge were college friends from Baylor University.   Post-college Martha moved back to her hometown of Memphis assuming that her degree and a high GPA were what she needed for happiness in the post-collegiate world.  Much to her dismay and … Read More

Sometimes it’s Good to Have a Quickie! (Hors d’ ouevre, that is)

The Superbowl is upon us and I’m sure most people who are having parties have already placed their orders for wing trays and veggie platters and have stocked up on chips, salsa, and onion dip.  Perhaps you want something just a little different?  Maybe you’ve had more people show up than you expected or they came with a bigger appetite … Read More

Osso Buco

One of the more popular hands-on classes that I’ve taught both here in Savannah as well as other places around the country, has involved the cuisine of northern Italy.   Just like the United States, regional cuisines of other countries vary with the climate and geography.   In the U.S. the concept of “Italian Food” is born from the eating styles of … Read More

Banoffee Trifle

With just a couple of days until Christmas and currently being in the middle of Chanukkah celebrations, I thought perhaps you could use a simple but delicious party dessert. “Banoffee” is an English contraction of Bananas & Toffee, a combination of flavors and ingredients commonly enjoyed together in England. The inspiration for this shows how one recipe or idea can … Read More

The Well-Equipped Kitchen

I’ve enjoyed cooking as far back as I can remember.  One of my earliest memories was that of standing on a small step-stool at the kitchen sink after church on Sunday afternoon.  While mom was busy finishing up Sunday dinner I was occupying myself with the lettuce core, cucumber trimmings, carrot peels, and any other vegetable scraps mom may have … Read More

Thanksgiving Dinner with Better Mornings Atlanta

While you wouldn’t know it by looking at the retail stores already decked out for Christmas,  Thanksgiving is just over a week away!     Chances are that your menu is molded by tradition or expectation….whether it’s the fond memories of grandma’s stuffing, or the dread of aunt Tillie’s JELLO mold of lemon gelatin with shredded cabbage, sliced green olives, and crushed … Read More

Roasted Mini Pumpkins filled with Corn Pudding

As I’ve previously mentioned, the mini pumpkins that are usually available this time of year are great for not only decorating the Thanksgiving table, but also for eating such as the recipe for meatloaf that I’ve done in the past, or this one for a side item perfectly suited to gracing the Thanksgiving table.  I’ve been doing these in my … Read More

Spinach & Roasted Pumpkin Salad

This salad showcases some of the many flavors that are abundant this time of year.  Not only are the colors of outdoor foliage bright and beautiful, but so are the colors of produce such as pomegranates, pumpkins, figs, pomegranates and the other luscious prizes of the fall harvest. Adding some cooked chicken either poached or from a rotisserie bird purchased … Read More