Preparing Raw Seafood Safely

Safe Seafood Preparation – What do I need to know? A frequent cooking class guest of mine recently mentioned that she had never prepared ceviche or tuna tartar because she wasn’t certain about how to do it safely, what did she need to know? I thought that was a perfect opportunity to showcase as one of my Facebook Live shows … Read More

German Flavors for Oktoberfest Burgers

Oktoberfest: Enjoy German flavors for your next tailgate, backyard cookout, or Oktoberfest with my recipe for Oktoberfest burgers. Now today considered the world’s largest festival, Oktoberfest originated as the wedding celebration of Crown Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and princess Therese from Saxony-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich came out to participate in the festivities which closed with horse races in … Read More

Chinese Five-Spice Braised Short Ribs – Pressure Cooker or Oven

Five Spice Asian Shortribs

Five-Spice Braised Shortribs These Asian flavored short ribs may look to have a laundry list of ingredients but there are very few steps.  The key is cooking them in a pressure cooker to tenderize the meat in a short time frame.  In less than an hour you’ll have amazingly delicious tender shortribs.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker, they … Read More

Apple Fritters

  All the talk in the media of our impending “Southern Freeze 2014” had everyone here in Savannah and the surrounding areas acting like we were going to be snowed in until March.  Schools let out at noon yesterday even though the winter weather wasn’t due until evening, a major local employer sent their employees home at noon as well, … Read More

North Meets South – A Beautiful Culinary Affair

North Meets South - A Culinary Affair

North vs. South, it’s an on-going battle, a point of discussion and matter of debate.  Sure there are many differences between the regions, the people, lifestyle, and food.  One thing that is similar, is an appreciation for the regional foods from each area. Coming up on Saturday January 18th, 2014 will be a celebration, a “culinary affair” of the two … Read More

Watermelon & Feta Salad


At first glance this combination sounds a bit odd.  Sweet watermelon with a salty cheese?  The swelling popularity of “salted caramel” this and that should be enough to convince anyone that it’s a well-liked flavor pairing.  This has been a popular recipe when I’ve used it in my cooking classes.  The oddity of the ingredients catches guests attention but it’s … Read More

Voting Continues in the South Magazine’s South’s Greatest Chef Contest

The South Magazine has extended the voting for South’s Greatest Chef.  Please take a moment to cast your vote for me in the contest.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Also, remember you must click the + sign to cast your vote. You may click LIKE also, but only clicking + will actually register a vote.  Click here to cast your … Read More

Vote in the South Magazine’s South’s Greatest Chef Contest

Hey Folks…I need your votes! I’ve been nominated for The South Magazine’s “South’s Greatest Chef” award. Cast your vote here and vote for me! Share in your networks and tell others to do the same!

Red, White and Blueberry Blondies

Fresh Picked Raspberries

Tomorrow is Independence Day and let’s face it…we’ve all had enough of the cakes covered with whipped cream and lined up with berries to mimic the American flag.  Nothing wrong with it, just that it’s nice to do something different. Dying the cake batter…yup, Red Velvet is popular (don’t get me started…not a fan of it) but really, who wants … Read More