Sauteed Calamari with Vinaigrette and Catalan Spinach

  [print_this] Sauteed Calamari in Vinaigrette with Catalan Spinach The Spanish word for spinach, “Espinaca”, is one of the many Moorish influences that have left an imprint on the Spanish language and food ways. Spinach has been consumed in Spain since the Moorish occupation. It’s most likely the Moors or Spanish Jews that incorporated the use of sweet dried fruits … Read More

Cocido–Spanish Comfort Food

If you had your choice between cooking with anything you wanted or being presented a limited pantry, which would you choose? Which do you think would make you more creative? Just last week I was talking to someone about this very topic.  We both agreed that cooking straight from the pantry without making a trip to the store usually resulted … Read More

Gazpacho al Andaluz

It was another hot and steamy day here in Savannah and based on this summer’s weather patterns, it probably was where you are too.  For supper tonight I enjoyed a big bowl  of refreshingly cold and flavorful “Gazpacho al Andaluz”. (ok, truth be told…in true bachelor style there was no actual bowl involved, I ate direct from the plastic storage … Read More

Take a Dip or Dress it up: Romesco Sauce

Here are a couple of ideas for using the recipe for Romesco Sauce which I recently posted.  These are just a few of many uses.  After seeing my post, Jeff Parker a chef friend and fellow blogger, said he was thinking of using it as a pizza sauce…olives, cheese, anchovies…good stuff  just waiting to happen! Suggestion #1:  Use as a … Read More