Chinese Five-Spice Braised Short Ribs – Pressure Cooker or Oven

Five Spice Asian Shortribs

Five-Spice Braised Shortribs These Asian flavored short ribs may look to have a laundry list of ingredients but there are very few steps.  The key is cooking them in a pressure cooker to tenderize the meat in a short time frame.  In less than an hour you’ll have amazingly delicious tender shortribs.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker, they … Read More

Braising Basics

I can think of no other cooking technique that can produce deep intense flavors and fork tender texture with minimal work than the technique of braising. Braising is a combination cooking technique that utilizes both dry heat (browning) and moist heat (simmering) to produce a luxurious melt in the mouth feel and deep flavor out of otherwise tough lack-luster cuts … Read More