Autumn Meatloaf in Miniature Pumpkins

Miniature Pumpkins – Not Just for Decorating Anymore! Part of the fun of fall is decorating our homes and tables with the myriad of colorful fall squash that bursts onto  the market this time of year.  From basic butternut to the twisted orange turban squash to the elongated delicata, most are readily available in our grocery stores from late September … Read More

Holiday Food Traditions (or Ghosts of New Years Past)

Happy New Year!  Growing up it was always customary for my family to have Oyster stew on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  I recall asking my mom once about why that was our tradition but unfortunately I don’t recall her answer.  Traditionally oysters are best eaten during the months that contain “R’s” (because they spawn during the summer and … Read More

A Chef, a Nun, and a Pianist…

Several chefs, nuns, and a jazz pianist walk into a hotel…Kinda sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it? Actually it’s not… The better question would be:  What do 14 chefs, a seaside resort, and a healthcare system have in common?  Thankfully NOT a massive case of food poisoning! It does however sound like “Delicious Destinations”  an amazing … Read More

“C is for Cookie”

Picture showing Pay Day Cookies

Who can believe that August is already here?? seems like spring was only yesterday and now the stores are advertising “Back to School” sales and I’m trying to get in the mindset for Christmas.    Lest I come across as one of those Überorganized people who plan vacations, parties and social events two seasons ahead  let me dispel that myth right … Read More

Fruit: Is it “Ripe”?

Why don’t grocery store tomatoes taste like the flavorful ones we get from farmstands and our backyard?  Why don’t nectarines found in the store in February every taste like the ones in July? It all comes down to understanding ripeness.  Ripeness in fruit is not based on color alone. Color will change as a fruit becomes ripe (red bell peppers … Read More

Homemade Churros

Growing up in southern California I was accustomed to Churros, a Mexican pastry stick that is coated with cinnamon sugar.  They could be found at everything from concession stands and high-school games to theme parks, and most any place where such snack type offerings could be bought.  Recently while updating my “Mexican Fiesta” class I decided to incorporate them as … Read More

Welcome to “Beyond the Recipe”

I’m finally doing it….guests and friends have been asking for a LONG time if I have a website where they can stay in touch with me and ask questions, get recipes, learn tips, and all  that other fun stuff that we “foodies” like to do. Well…here it is.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m quite prone to over-analyzing … Read More