Cheddar & Ale Soup

Picture of soup

Katie Parker and Stevie Rushing, two regular class guests and members of the Georgia Air National guard, recently joined me for my Facebook Live show on Veteran’s Day and shared with me their favorite Cheddar and Ale soup. While cooking, they shared interesting tidbits like the fact that they have convection ovens aboard the giant C130 planes. Check out the … Read More

Here’s What’s Shakin’…

We’re Bakin’ Bacon!  You betcha…no fakin’! Ah, bacon…. delicious, glorious, beautiful, crispy, crunchy pork flesh!  Just thinking of it make my mouth begin to water.  The smell of it could drive a dog to get it himself…if only he had thumbs!   The mess it can make when cooking is another story…not so pleasant. If you’re still cooking bacon in a pan on … Read More