The Cookin’ O’ the Green….Grits, that is!

Green Grits

St. Patrick’s Day has once again arrived.  Growing up in Southern California the extent to which it was a holiday was pretty much limited to making sure you wore something green to school to prevent being pinched for not having green.  Is that still done?  I don’t think I’ve heard mention of that in ages! Little did I know that … Read More

Thanksgiving Dinner with Better Mornings Atlanta

While you wouldn’t know it by looking at the retail stores already decked out for Christmas,  Thanksgiving is just over a week away!     Chances are that your menu is molded by tradition or expectation….whether it’s the fond memories of grandma’s stuffing, or the dread of aunt Tillie’s JELLO mold of lemon gelatin with shredded cabbage, sliced green olives, and crushed … Read More