Obatzda Now a common offering in Bavarian beer gardens, this cheese spread was first created by Katharina Eisenreich, the innkeeper of Germany’s Oldest beergarden from 1920-1958.   Similar to Liptauer cheese in Austria and Hungary, it uses soft ripened cheese blended with butter and seasonings.  Some recipes call for removing the rind from the brie or camembert.  If you decide to … Read More

Parmesan Gelato

The very mention of Parmesan gelato might make some cringe.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a dessert but rather a Parmesan cheese spread that looks like ice cream when scooped out and served on a platter to accompany fresh and dried fruits or crackers.  It also makes a nice accompaniment and garnish for a green salad when scooped on the side … Read More