Sometimes it’s Good to Have a Quickie! (Hors d’ ouevre, that is)

The Superbowl is upon us and I’m sure most people who are having parties have already placed their orders for wing trays and veggie platters and have stocked up on chips, salsa, and onion dip.  Perhaps you want something just a little different?  Maybe you’ve had more people show up than you expected or they came with a bigger appetite … Read More

Here’s What’s Shakin’…

We’re Bakin’ Bacon!  You betcha…no fakin’! Ah, bacon…. delicious, glorious, beautiful, crispy, crunchy pork flesh!  Just thinking of it make my mouth begin to water.  The smell of it could drive a dog to get it himself…if only he had thumbs!   The mess it can make when cooking is another story…not so pleasant. If you’re still cooking bacon in a pan on … Read More