Not Just Custom Cakes – Amazing Cakes!

My friend Minette Rushing is the owner of a local Savannah cake shop called “Custom Cakes”.  The name is straightforward enough and certainly conveys a basic concept of the work they do.   However just they way that Minette doesn’t take enough credit for what she does, the name “Custom Cakes” doesn’t begin to convey the amazing cakes that they produce. … Read More

Good Eats for Breakfast in Atlanta – Part 1

I recently visited Atlanta for the winter wholesale gift/retail market.  As I usually do when traveling, I wanted to check out some new places to eat.  My favorite meal of the day is would have to be breakfast.  First, because it’s the only meal that both savory and sweet play major roles  Sticky sweet pancakes and pastry are equally at … Read More

New Beginnings in 2010

I know what you’re saying…yes, I realize it’s nearly mid-January and I’m talking about things I should have talked about 2 weeks ago!  Hopefully that will become a thing of the past.  I have never really been one to get into the whole bit of making “New Year’s” Resolutions”.   First, people rarely keep them and then second…why do it just … Read More

Holiday Food Traditions (or Ghosts of New Years Past)

Happy New Year!  Growing up it was always customary for my family to have Oyster stew on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  I recall asking my mom once about why that was our tradition but unfortunately I don’t recall her answer.  Traditionally oysters are best eaten during the months that contain “R’s” (because they spawn during the summer and … Read More

More “Bang Bang” for your Buck!

If you’re looking for something rich, sinful, and flavorful I have just the thing for you…”Butter Brickle Bang Bangs”.  This an original cookie (candy?) that I created for my “Holiday Cookie” class.  It started with an old recipe clipping from a newspaper.  Originally it was the crumb base as I have it (graham cracker crumbs, peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar) that was … Read More

Sugar and Spice

  The past several years I haven’t had time to do as much Christmas baking as I used to but I still enjoy trying new recipes to add to my repetoire.  This year a new one is a Swiss honey spice cookie called “Basler Laeckerli” from Basel, Switzerland.  I found the recipe in a past Christmas issue of the King … Read More

3rd Annual Tyler Florence Low Country Celebration – Inn at Palmetto Bluff

I’m definitely getting old.  Every month seems to fly by quicker than the last.  I can’t believe November is over, Thanksgiving has passed and I haven’t even made one posting the entire month!  Next thing we know it will be Christmas…after all, only 26 more days to go! It has been a great fall season.  I have to offer up … Read More

Gremolata – Add a Spark of Flavor!

I love the cooler weather of fall.  It puts me in the mood to cook!  There’s something about a cool, crisp breeze and overcast skies that puts me in the mood to just spend the day in the kitchen.  Another reason I love fall is because of the heartier richer flavors that emerge again…winter squashes, pungent baking spices like cinnamon … Read More

Wildly Delicious

People often presume that because I’m a chef I cook all kinds of amazing meals at home.  I love food and cooking but when it comes to cooking for myself I want something that is quick.  Mushrooms, both fresh and dried are a great ingredient to keep on hand for quick meals or easy entertaining.    [picapp src=”b/5/c/8/Shiitake_mushrooms_Lentinula_d334.jpg?adImageId=4879214&imageId=5102519″ width=”380″ height=”303″ /] … Read More

In a Pickle

Enjoying a rare Saturday off a week ago, I decided to start the day off with a visit to the Forsyth Farmer’s Market.  Unlike the farmer’s markets often found in places like Santa Monica, San Francisco, New York and other major cities, it’s very modest.   A “good” showing by vendors means that there will be about 6-8 booths offering things from … Read More