Gremolata – Add a Spark of Flavor!

I love the cooler weather of fall.  It puts me in the mood to cook!  There’s something about a cool, crisp breeze and overcast skies that puts me in the mood to just spend the day in the kitchen.  Another reason I love fall is because of the heartier richer flavors that emerge again…winter squashes, pungent baking spices like cinnamon … Read More

Fruit: Is it “Ripe”?

Why don’t grocery store tomatoes taste like the flavorful ones we get from farmstands and our backyard?  Why don’t nectarines found in the store in February every taste like the ones in July? It all comes down to understanding ripeness.  Ripeness in fruit is not based on color alone. Color will change as a fruit becomes ripe (red bell peppers … Read More

Guessing Game of Flavor

Have you ever felt that seasoning food was somewhat akin to playing a game of “pin the tail on the donkey”?  Add a little of this and it’s too spicy, add a little of that and now it’s too salty…How many times have you anticipated the robust and bold flavor of something you’re cooking and when you taste it are … Read More