Epicurean Cutting Board

Epicurean Brand Cutting Boards


My FAVORITE cutting board!  I’ve been using Epicurean boards in my cooking classes as well as at home for the past 9 years.

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Cutting  Boards  are  one  of   the  most  important  and  frequently  used  tools  in  the  kitchen.

The RIGHT board is essential for your safety and the care of your knife.

Epicurean®  Kitchen  Series

These lightweight but sturdy cutting boards are designed for everyday use and effortless handling. Their thin profile and built-in utility hole make them easy to store in a rack or display on the wall. Available in multiple sizes, these versatile cutting boards are perfect for the busy kitchen. Whether you use one at a time or several at once, cleanup is easy – just place in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes. Quick. Convenient. Sanitary. No kitchen is complete without at least one!


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11.5" x 9", 14.5" x 11, 17.5" x 13", 6"x8"


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