Banoffee Trifle

Banoffee TrifleWith just a couple of days until Christmas and currently being in the middle of Chanukkah celebrations, I thought perhaps you could use a simple but delicious party dessert.

“Banoffee” is an English contraction of Bananas & Toffee, a combination of flavors and ingredients commonly enjoyed together in England.

The inspiration for this shows how one recipe or idea can easily morph and provide inspiration for many other things.  It originally started with a Bailey’s Toffee Sauce that I created many years ago for a presentation I was doing at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  The sauce base is pure maple syrup which is boiled down and enhanced with a touch of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  One taste of the sauce alone and your mind will be aflutter with ideas…Serve it alone on top of ice cream, combine it with toasted pecans and serve over a pecan waffle.  Make a pecan waffle and serve it with a  scoop of butter pecan ice cream topped with  this sauce and toasted pecans…eat it by the spoonful in front of the refrigerator door!  The possibilities are endless.

After the sauce, came the Banana Pudding Crepes that I originally created for one of my Christmas themed classes at 700 Kitchen Cooking School.  The filling for the crepes is a simple one of cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla that I frequently use with berries and fresh fruit.  In the case of the crepes, I added diced bananas to the filling and topped the crepes with the sauce.

Fast forward to now…take each of the various components, layer and combine them with pound cake to make a dessert for a crowd:  Banoffee Trifle!


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